Paloma Peñarrubia

insatiable creative , is characterized by its long and distinguished foray into experimental electronic music and composition for audiovisual media and scenic .

This mix of disciplines and collaborations in various projects is reflected in the tools you use to compose your own sonic imagery. A mutable and transferable , anomalous and unique quality , followed by fanatical personality

They are featured his works for dance, theater , commercials , design firms , documentaries and feature films seis y medio Julio Fraga , with which she was nominated for Best Original Music in 2016 Asecan Film Awards Andaluz .

In addition to his work as a composer , Paloma continued with their personal projects. Alma mater of experimental music band Las flores no lloran co -fundadora label record Oigovisiones Label


Music for


-Original Soundtrack of film “Bajo la piel de lobo” of Samu Fuentes. Spain

-Original Soundtrack of “Masacre en Nebraska” theater production of Alberto Cortés. Spain

-Original soundtrack of short film NIRVANA by Ruben Llama. Spain


-Music and sound design for Spot OYSHO campaign “Gym wear 2017” by Pressrec.

-Music and sound design for Spot “Running F/W 2016″ for Jack and Jones (Denmark), by Modular estudio.

-Music and sound design for Spot OYSHO New Perfum by ERNESTO ARTILLO.

-Music and sound design for Spot “Campaign F/W 2016” for IZZUE (China), by ERNESTO ARTILLO.

-Part of the cast of tango dance company REA in their show UNDERTANGO as a live musician.

-Music for the presentation of the tourism brand “andalusian soul”

-Dineo TV Spot. A production of Modular studio for Cash Converters. Málaga. Music and sound design.

Spot MAUS Málaga. Artist ARYZ a production of LATRAMA, Málaga. Original music.

Spot fashion campaing “OYSHO Swimwear 2016” for MIREN DOIZ. Original music and sound desing.

Spot fashion campaing “IZZUE S/S 2016” for ERNESTO ARTILLO. Original music and sound desing.


Original soundtrack  “Seis y medio” a film of JULIO FRAGA. NOMINATED BEST ORIGINAL MUSIC. Adwars ASECAN Andalusia cinema, 2016.

Original soundtrack “La ciudad emergente” a documentary of SERGIO MARTÍN and CARLOS LÓPEZ

Spot fashion campaing “IZZUE F/W 2015” for ERNESTO ARTILLO. original music and sound desing.

Original soundtrack and sound desing “La Grieta” a theatre work of JULIO FRAGA

Spot fashion campaing “OYSHO S/S 2016″VIDEOS. SUN, SAND, SALT. Original music and sound desing.


Contemporary dance. “Crudo”, of XIMENA CARNEVALE Company. (Music and interpretation)

Soundtrack composition. For QUAY BROTHERS silent films . (Music, interpretation and scenic and sound desing)


Short Film. La Historia Checa, of 99 PÁGINAS.

Soundtrack composition. For SEGUNDO DE CHOMÓN´s silent films, MAF MÁLAGA FILM FESTIVAL.

Documentary. Ya no quedan letras, about Paco Cumpián, of ALBERTO JIMENEZ

Documentary Teaser. Foolk, of NARITA STUDIO DESING. (Music composition of electro-verdiales joined Alejandro Levar and the Panda de Verdiales “Raices” of Villanueva de Algaidas)


Theatre. Seres Queridos, of BAJOTIERRA THEATRE COMPANY (Music and interpretation)

Spot. White night event, for the COUNCIL OF MÁLAGA. (Music and interpretation)

Contemporary dance. Visitando otros jardines, of FERNANDO HURTADO company. (Music)

LP Recording. For ENVELLOPE COLLECTIVE label, promoted by Jose Tena Vázquez (Ann Deverian) and Olivier Arson (Territoire) in RED BULL studios, (10 musician joined) Matadero Madrid.


Theatre. Maria por los Aires, of BAJOTIERRA THEATRE COMPANY. (Music and interpretation)

Theatre. Seres Queridos, of BAJOTIERRA THEATRE COMPANY (Music and interpretation)

Spot. White night event. For the COUNCIL OF MÁLAGA. (Music and interpretation)

Fashion exhibition. For HILARIO CARRUANA, “TRANSFORMABLES” (Music and interpretation)


Short Film. Nadia, of CARLOS ZORRILLA

Short Film. Furia y Desidia, of MARÍA NIETO


Las flores no lloran / / Armónicos luz · Criaturas polvo // TOUR


01 April MAF Festival. Picasso Museum of Málaga

05 March. La moráda sónica. Almería

04 March. Limbo. Córdoba

26-27 February. Retroback – Classic Cinema Festival. La Expositiva. Granada


22 October. Sala Juglar, Madrid

04 September. Kernel Festival. Italia

29 August. El Artsenal. Muelle Uno, Málaga

03 September. Saltaluna, Marbella

28 July. FNAC, Barcelona.

26 June. La Expositiva, Granada.

19 June. FNAC, Málaga

13 June. La Casa de Max, Sevilla.

04 June. CCP Diputación, Málaga

29 May. FLUIDO ROSA (RNE3) Radio program. La Térmica de Málaga

22 May. Theatro Club, Málaga

24 April. La Caverna, Málaga


Apeared in


Radio3 (RNE3)

-Fluido Rosa program (Interview and live recording concert)

-Hoy empieza todo (Music and metion)

-180 Grados (Music and mention)

-EL séptimo vicio (Music and metion)

Radio Canal Sur

-Al otro lado del paraíso (interview and music)

-Local de ensayo (interview and music)


Radio3 (RNE3)

-Fluido Rosa program (Interview and live recording concert)


Radio NOfm. Ceviche de Sarraceno program, México. (Music and mention)

Radio 3 (RNE3). Madrid, España. Music, interview and mention.

-En la nube program

-Atmósfera program


Cadena Ser. Spot White Night. Music and mention


Radio en punto. Córdoba Interview

Radio 3 (RNE3). Madrid, España. Music and mention.

-Disco Grande program

-Fluido Rosa program


Radio Mijas. Málaga Interview


Tve 2 . Programs. Miradas 2. Music and mention